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About School

Since 1995, Lake Point School, an English medium school in Kolkata, afiliated under CBSE board, have been nurturing each child’s unique potential by recruiting the best teachers and implementing cutting-edge teaching methods and educational facilities.

We try to facilitate an environment where every student irrespective of their background will be able to realize their potentials. We believe that if inspired, every student can become empathetic intellectuals who can contribute to building a better tomorrow.

Our teachers, staff, and other faculty members understand that education is more than just studying and getting good grades. It is much more than that, and that is what we offer. Aside from receiving a high-quality education, students can also participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities that will help them grow as individuals.

english medium school in kolkata
english medium school in kolkata
 CBSE School in South Kolkata
English Medium CBSE School in South Kolkata

Admission Now Open