We have fifty qualified instructors at Lake Point School, at CBSE school in Kolkata, whose years, of teaching expertise translate into innovatives teaching approaches that make learning enjoyable and participatory.

We think that education does not begin and end within the four walls of the classroom. Therefore, outside the classroom, our teachers act as guardians to our students. They help them deal with “growing up” challenges, further strengthening their mutual trust and understanding.

Team Lake Point

Department of Languages

  1. Sharmistha Dasgupta
  2. Susmita Dasgupta
  3. Rupa Banerjee
  4. Poulumi Banerjee
  5. Chandrani Dasgupta
  6. Monica Amin
  7. Subrata Chakraborty
  8. Lily Mitra

Department Of Science & Technology

  1. Chandrima Guha
  2. Santanu Das
  3. Santanu Banerjee
  4. Pooja Sengupta
  5. Moumita Mukherjee
  6. Akshara Singh

Department of Humanities

  1. Pallavi Banerjee
  2. Suchismita Dasgupta
  3. Sharmila Dasgupta
  4. Abhishek Acharya

Department of Commerce

  1. Mohan Purkait
  2. Priyanka Saha
  3. Arijit Mullick
  4. Ritengshu Lahiri

Department of Computer Science & I.T

  1. Sandip Sen
  2. Anamika Sen
  3. Anuj Sharma
  4. Priti Singh

Department of Games & Sports

  1. Kuntal Dasgupta
  2. Andrew Samson

Department of Art & Culture

  1. Mou Mukherjee
  2. Anamika Mukherjee

Office & Administration

  1. Sahadev Ghosh
  2. Ekalabya Dolui
  3. Mainak Das

Care & Support

  1. Mukti Dutta
  2. Devi Nath
  3. Shefali Devi
  4. Susanta Mondal
sandip sen

Sandip Sen


Chandrima Guha | CBSE SCHOOL

Chandrima Guha


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