Educational psychology is based on individual differences in students’ learning, teaching methods, and instructional processes of school teachers. Almost every top CBSE school in Kolkata includes specific sessions in educational and developmental psychology to focus on children’s overall learning and development. This blog will highlight the importance of educational psychology in schools.

How does educational psychology help children with learning?

The primary aim of an educational psychologist is to understand and assess how children learn and find ways to improve their academic aspects. Every educational psychologist in a CBSE school in Kolkata works with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Based on such assessments, an educational psychologist helps them to overcome problems and difficulties they face in school and outside while studying.

Nowadays, the educational syllabus has become a burden for most students. As a result, many of them face the challenge of managing time and preparing for the examination. As parents feed their children with multiple tuition teachers, it becomes difficult for students to manage time for self-study.

Nowadays, the competition level at school has become so tough that students often fail to give their best performance. Especially when parents force their children to score full marks, it becomes difficult for them to fulfil their parent’s expectations. Sometimes, when they fail to meet their parent’s expectations, they are often pressurized by several external factors, which leads them to suffer from depression and anxiety. In such a case, an educational psychologist helps them to cope with the problem and helps them to deal with academic pressure through mental counselling.

Sometimes, it is not just intelligence that affects students’ results but also some other external factors associated with their below-average academic performance. This is why every CBSE school in Kolkata have included the following sessions through educational psychology class:

  • Specifying the strengths and weaknesses of students in underlying learning skills.
  • Avoiding the comparison of academic achievements with other students while stimulating the interpersonal behaviour and mentality of a student.
  • Focusing on the problems faced by a student other than academic problems. It may be social, economic, or behavioural issues.

Almost every CBSE school in Kolkata are now involving educational psychology sessions, where students can share their personal problem directly with the counsellor and seek help with essential tips. At the same time, specific learning strategies for home and school are shared among both children and their parents. This can help the parents to deal smartly with the problems they notice in their children and provide perfect solutions.