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A certain amount of stress could be rather healthy and helpful in making headways in life. Positive stress can help you evolve in life. On the contrary, if a student remains exposed to compulsions, academic pressure and other traumatic events for prolonged periods, it will only impede their progress and hamper their academic career. The best CBSE school in South Kolkata address the aspect of students’ stress with seriousness and rigours.

In this outline, we will highlight some practices to be adopted by both the academic infrastructure and the parents that can allay the stress factor in students and help them cope with academic pressure.

How Teachers and Parents Can Help Students Cope With Stress

The roles of giving the students refuge from stress fall over both the teachers and the students. Below, we will address the contributions of both in helping the young mind out of the vortex of stress.

The role of teachers in reducing stress in students

Students spend an ample amount of time in the classroom, taught and guided by the teachers. Often, classroom ridicule or degrading remarks can hurt a student’s confidence and further impede their academic progress. Hence, teachers should abstain from creating a competitive milieu and hurting any student’s confidence and self-perception.

Alongside it, the tutors can:

Reduce homework of the students. Instead of assigning a mountain of homework, the tutor can mete out small numbers of creative problems to be attempted at home. The students will intellectually benefit from this practice.

Encourage peer learning and discourage competition. The best CBSE schools in South Kolkata for science actively encourage peer learning instead of competitive learning. Competition in class is often a catalyst for stress. Hence, creating an environment of mutual co-operations can help alleviate the sum total of stress among students.

Listen to the student’s mental health issues. The tutors should encourage students to speak up about their anguish, shortcomings and other miscellaneous mental health issues. Lending an ear to the voice of the students can make them feel heard and comforted.

The role of parents in alleviating the stress of students

Parents, too, can play a significant role in ensuring that their children are not encumbered by stress. Here are a bunch of things they can do:

  • Parents should not keep their children occupied with studies and equivalent exercises all the time. The faculties of the best CBSE schools in South Kolkata always advise parents to let their youngsters develop at their own pace.
  • Just like the teachers, the parents should not reproach their children for not shining enough in the exams. Being considerate and patient to the learners can actually help them in the long run.
  • Among other habits, accustoming your children to a healthy diet is pivotally important. As their caretakers, you can serve healthy, nutritious diets to the children instead of excessive sugar and processed items as they are known to interfere with sleep and cause depression.
  • The best CBSE schools in Kolkata for class 11 humanities always inculcate some recreational activities to combat myriad mental health issues among children. The parents can also endeavour to inculcate hobbies and recreational activities among the children.

With this assortment of tips, both the parents and the tutors can reduce the stress level among the students and build a positive environment for learning and holistic growth.