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All throughout a student’s educational journey, co-curricular activities are crucial in ensuring the holistic development of children. It takes them beyond their textbooks and provides a platform for the young learners to explore their interests, enhance their skills and become well-rounded individuals. The teachers of the top CBSE school in Kolkata for 11 and 12 list six co-curricular activities students can participate in.

Why are co-curricular activities important for students?

Incorporating co-curricular activities in school is important for students as it has numerous long-lasting benefits. Such programs provide a platform for self-discovery, allowing students to explore what they are interested in. Therefore, co-curricular activities are instrumental in shaping a comprehensive and balanced educational journey.

Six co-curricular activities students can participate in school

Here, teachers at the top CBSE school in Kolkata have listed some co-curricular activities that they incorporate into their curriculum.

  • Different kinds of sports:

Engaging in sports not only keeps students physically active but also alleviates stress. Moreover, it helps them to become more disciplined and allows them to learn how to work in a team.

  • Quiz and debate:

These activities help students sharpen their communication skills. It helps them cultivate critical thinking and the ability to express their ideas in a clear manner. These are indispensable assets in the professional world, making them a vital part of the curriculum.

  • Community service and outreach programs:

Schools often incorporate community service and outreach programs as a part of their extracurriculars. This helps instill a sense of social responsibility and awareness among students.

  • Creative arts:

Another co-curricular activity that students must be encouraged to participate in is the creative arts. This nurtures self-expression and individuality. It allows students to step out of their comfort zones and work in a collaborative artistic environment.

  • Literary programs:

Children can engage in extra-curriculars like participating in reading sessions and writing workshops. These initiatives will help nurture the development of positive habits in them from a young age.

  • Learning a language:

Learning a regional or foreign language can be an excellent choice for co-curricular activities. Embracing such diversity will be important for fostering a global perspective and learning about different cultures.

Co-curricular activities complement academic learning and contribute to the overall development of your child. The teachers of the top CBSE school in Kolkata for 11 and 12 incorporate different co-curricular programs into their curriculum, ensuring your child has a multi-disciplinary learning experience.