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Everyone gets nervous when they approach higher secondary and the end of their school life. But the question is, how do you fully understand the subject in-depth? Instead of reading or relying on rote memorization, it’s always better to understand first and practice. It’s not just that books matter, but proper attention and learning also play a vital role. Moreover, the interest also adds to the learning curve. Picking the best CBSE school in Kolkata for class 11 commerce will ensure top-notch grades and a better understanding.

Ways to improve grades in Class 11 commerce

The following points will explain how to get a high score in commerce –

Study time table

A study timetable is vital for all students so their practice is in place. Accounts, economics and business studies are the backbone of commerce. Moreover, these involve calculations that cannot be only memorized but require thorough practice. Making a schedule always helps in following a systematic plan. 

Previous year papers

Studying and practising from the previous year’s papers will assist in getting familiar with what type of questions you can expect at your examination. It will enhance your knowledge of the subject. There are also reference books that you can read to see and study in depth. 

Understand and memorize 

While calculations cannot be memorised, formulas need to be. However, first try to practice graphs and diagrams and solve problems on statistics to grasp the latter. 


Ensure that you have all notes in place so your understanding is in check. Highlight key points and definitions that are necessary. Ensure textbook information is followed religiously. You may underline important sections for revision. Also, ensure the study plan has covered all topics. 


If you are unable to understand something, ensure attention is paid in class or ask your teacher questions when required. It helps to memorize concepts and learn them with ease. 


A combination of strategic planning, dedication towards study sessions and the correct resources will pave the path for you to ace your examinations. Furthermore, admission to the best CBSE school in Kolkata for class 11 commerce is an incentive to score high marks. The insight and expertise of their teachers in equipping you with the best study tools know no bounds. Last but not least, a final revision before exams can be a significant boost for confidence as it also helps in the elimination of stress and tension.