How to improve your English vocabulary? Tips by a CBSE school

The basics of learning English start with learning vocabulary. As an English language learner, it is crucial to have fluency and consistency in learning new English words in terms of reading, writing, and speaking ability. Here are a few tips suggested by a CBSE school to improve your English vocabulary.

Developing English reading ability- Suggested by a CBSE school

Reading English novels, books and newspapers helps you develop an understanding and learn new words and meanings. The more you get exposed to new words, the more you will get familiar with the wide range of English vocabulary. Whenever you notice an unfamiliar word or phrase, note it down, search for its meaning and try to implement it when you are writing or speaking in English. Top CBSE schools in Kolkata emphasize keeping an English-to-English pocket dictionary for their students. 

Developing English writing ability- Suggested by a CBSE school

You can improve your English writing ability and skills in the following ways:

  • Keep an English dictionary with you to learn the synonyms of words.
  • Improve your grammatical knowledge.
  • Make a habit of reading books, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Always check the spelling and grammatical aspects of your writing. 

Developing English speaking ability- Suggested by a CBSE school

Top CBSE schools in Kolkata always look to inculcate the culture of speaking in English. Except for Hindi and Sanskrit classes, students are asked to speak and communicate only in English. This helps to develop the ability to speak in English and brings fluency in communication. Making it a habit has helped numerous students to have a complete grasp of the English language. Along with this, pronunciation also develops, which becomes beneficial from a career perspective. Since speaking in English is considered one of the essential features of attending any interview, this habit is necessary to improve your English vocabulary.

Watching English movies, songs, sports commentary, and news channels – Suggested by a CBSE school.

Every CBSE school suggests following and watching English news channels, movies, songs, and sports commentary. It will not only help in staying updated with the daily happenings but also help in learning the style of news presentation and conversation. It is one of the best ways through which students can learn how to communicate in English fluently. 
These are a few things a CBSE school in Kolkata suggests to develop a child’s vocabulary skills. Students can also listen to English songs and play word games apart from the tips mentioned above to improve their vocabulary.