The first and most important thing to keep in mind with CBSE school admissions is to become familiar with the curriculum and conduct a thorough comparison of CBSE and other national boards. Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each national board, and decide which aspects are more crucial for your child’s educational goals. 

This mental clarity may make the admission process at a school simpler by understanding the benefits of CBSE schools compared to other national school boards. This is unquestionably the first and most important step that should be taken before the admissions process. This blog will help you understand the steps and procedure for CBSE school admission 2023-24

Procedures of nursery admissions in CBSE school

  • You must register your children for CBSE school admission 2023–24 either by picking up the registration form in person from the school office or by using the online registration option.
  • You can collect the admission forms from the school office from Monday to Friday.
  • Selections for the Nursery through Kindergarten courses will be based on informal discussions between the parents and the principal. There won’t be a written exam. The school administration will let you know the day and hour of the formal meeting.
  • Admissions will be based on an entrance exam and discussions with the school principal.

Procedures of CBSE school admission for higher classes

  • Register your children for CBSE school admission 2023–24 by completing the online/offline registration form.
  • When migrating from one school to a CBSE school, it is important to provide a school leaving certificate or transfer certificate signed by the head of the institution.
  • Your children have to appear for the admission test to enroll them in a CBSE school.

Documents required for CBSE school admission

  • Birth certificate photocopy with proper attestations from a Gazetted officer.
  • Evidence of income: IT or a salary slip Return
  • Colour passport-sized photographs of both parents and children.
  • Report cards from previous years are required for class II and above.
  • When applying for admission, you must submit your transfer certificate from your former school.
  • Aadhaar Cards of the Student and the parent (if available)
  • Fitness certificate issued by a licensed doctor
  • Blood group certificate (Not mandatory) 

These are some important rules you should know and follow during admissions for class nursery to class IX while enrolling your children in a CBSE school. Apart from knowing each and every law and rule of CBSE admission, you should also provide important documents required during the admission period.