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One of the primary reasons why CBSE schools in Kolkata focus on parent-teacher meeting is because it leads to the development of a nurturing learning environment for children. Below, teachers from CBSE boards have discussed a few more reasons why they prioritize parent-teacher meeting.

Reasons why CBSE schools prioritize parent-teacher meeting

Teachers of the top CBSE school in South Kolkata focus on parent-teacher meeting for the following reasons.

  • Making children proactive

Constant parent-teacher meeting encourages parents and academic figures to determine the child’s learning difficulties and weaknesses. As a result, the former is able to motivate the child and help them become more proactive in their studies while also addressing their learning gaps.

  • Development of social skills

In their formative years, children learn how to communicate properly through their parents and teachers. The more they witness a positive communication channel between the latter, the more they are able to learn from it. This allows them to have successful interactions with their parents, teachers, and peers and communicate seamlessly, enhancing their social development.

  • Problem-solving abilities

Children often encounter problems while learning, which leads to poor performance in exams. Hence, CBSE schools conduct parent-teacher meetings annually to figure out the reasons why some children struggle in certain subjects. Once parents and teachers determine the root cause behind a pupil’s low grades, they come up with effective strategies to help them overcome their problems. Moreover, having parents and teachers by their side encourages children to become independent and hone their problem-solving abilities.

  • Gaining proper guidance

The comprehensive development of children is something that CBSE schools prioritize. By setting up parent-teacher conferences, they achieve this objective. Through these meetings, both teachers and parents understand how to guide children in the right way. For instance, some CBSE schools offer counselling sessions after class 10 board exams. In these sessions, parents and teachers can sit together with students to determine their interests and offer appropriate guidance.

  • Offering constructive feedback

Teachers provide constructive feedback to parents via these meetings. Apart from academics, teachers also offer feedback on students’ behaviour and how they are faring in school in general. This enables parents to know how they can help their children and encourage them to be better.

So, we can say that the prioritization of parent-teacher communication in CBSE schools in Kolkata is instrumental in fostering the growth of children and enriching their learning curve. Hence, if you are looking forward to enroll your child in a school where they can gain holistic development, CBSE schools must be your first choice.