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Beyond mere subjects that are within the curriculum, art and drama in schools serve as pillars of creativity, self-expression and holistic development. Students engage in ways that extend above the confines of traditional learning and offer avenues for exploration. The best CBSE school in Kolkata explains the significance of art and drama.

The importance of art and drama in schools

The significance of art and drama in schools are as follows:

  • Creativity and self-expression

Art and drama serves as a medium for students to express themselves in a creative manner. It also helps in exploring their thoughts, emotions and ideas through different mediums. This fosters individuality and self-awareness that help students in developing a strong sense of identity.

  • Communication skills

Participation in drama enhances verbal and non-verbal communication skills that include public speaking, active listening and body language interpretation. Similarly, creating and interpreting art requires students to communicate complex ideas and emotions visually. This improves their ability to convey messages more effectively.

  • An understanding of culture and history

Art and drama gives opportunities to students to explore diverse cultures, histories and traditions. This fosters the appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity. Through studying art forms and theatrical works from various time periods and regions, students gain insights into the socio-political contexts in which they were created.

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy

Through art and drama, students also learn to understand and empathize with different perspectives, experiences and emotions. This cultivates an emotional intelligence and social awareness that enhances their ability to relate to others and navigate interpersonal relationships. The top CBSE school in Kolkata ensures that students possess the essential skills for success in academics as well as in their personal lives.

  • Personal growth and well-being

It provides chances for personal development and self-discovery that promotes mental as well as emotional well-being. Creative expression may help students in coping with stress, anxiety and other obstacles in their path.

  • Cognitive development

Engaging in artistic and dramatic activities stimulates cognitive development in students that enhances memory, attention and problem-solving skills. Through observation, analysis and interpretation, students tend to develop higher-order thinking skills which are transferable to other academic disciplines and real-world situations.

  • Collaboration and teamwork

Many activities that are related to art and drama involve the collaboration and teamwork of students which is necessary to achieve common goals. They learn to contribute their unique skills and perspectives to achieve shared objectives.


To conclude, art and drama are integral components of a holistic education and enrich the lives of students in countless ways. The finest CBSE school in Kolkata emphasizes the pivotal role in nurturing well-rounded individuals.