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Parents often struggle to get their children to crack school interviews. However, with the right guidance can make the process stress-free and smooth. Below, teachers from a CBSE school in Kolkata discuss some tips that will make it easy for you as a parent to assist your child in preparing for a school interview.

Effective tips to prepare your child for a school interview:

  • Do a thorough research

Nowadays, schools are quite specific regarding the qualities they want their students to embody. So, before applying for an admission in a cbse school in Kolkata, make sure to conduct a thorough research on the school. Besides, you can reach out to parents whose children study in that school and inquire about the commonly asked interview questions. Gathering this information will enable you to prepare your child thoroughly for the interview.

  • Cover the basics

Make sure your child knows the basics before they appear for their first school interview. For instance, schools often ask children their parent’s name and their profession. You must train them in a way that they feel confident when answering these kinds of questions.

  • Help them overcome their anxiety

Children often feel anxious during their first school interview which makes them forget the answers that they are familiar with at home. To avoid such situations, you, as a parent, must help them overcome this anxiety. Start preparing them for the interview months in advance. If needed, hire a mentor who will be able to guide your child and boost their confidence. As a result, they will be able to face each and every question head-on.

  • Teach them etiquettes

As we all know, the first impression is mostly the last impression. Hence, to increase their chances of cracking the interview for CBSE school admission 2023-24, teach them a few etiquettes. Gestures such as greeting, addressing teachers as Sir or Ma’am, saying thank you, and knowing how to be polite will help them create a good first impression.

  • Make a routine

You can prepare a routine for you and your child months before the school interview takes place. Devote some time each day to sit with your child in order to make them practice answering questions correctly. Even if you appoint a teacher, make sure to take some time out in a day to see how far they have progressed. Having a set routine will help you inculcate the value of discipline in your child and keep them on track.

  • Increase their interactions

Children mostly spend their time with their parents. This makes them feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar settings. Therefore, encourage your child to interact with more of your friends and relatives along with children of their age. It will allow them to step out of their comfort zone and interact without any hesitation.

These tips will enable you to help your child be well-prepared for their school interview.