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The set of guidelines that a language is built on is known as grammar. Although grammatical skills may not always be easy to grasp, they can always be improved by practice and due course of time. Taking into consideration CBSE schools in Kolkata for class 11 commerce to enroll your child is a smart investment.

Tips to enhance grammatical skills

The following are the ways in which grammatical skills can be drastically improved –

  • Regular reading

Though it is very obvious, it is the most important one. Reading exposes children to various sentence structures, grammatical patterns and vocabulary. Select different reading materials like books, blogs and articles to improve grammar but ensure that they are exciting. If you read a boring subject or topic, you will lose interest. Moreover, reading helps significantly in building an intuition for the language. The more you read, the more your understanding of proper grammar will deepen.

  • Pay attention to grammatical rules.

Time must be invested in learning and understanding basic rules of grammar like subject-verb agreement and punctuation. You will come across plenty of digital resources and books that are available to deepen your knowledge. 

  • Write

The practice of writing on a daily basis will sharpen your grammatical abilities. It could be in the form of essays or journaling. Ensure that you proofread whatever you are writing and make the necessary corrections. 

  • Grammar quiz

There are countless digital quizzes that are available to test your knowledge of grammatical rules. Periodic practice will reinforce understanding and point out areas of improvement. Solving puzzles and crosswords also have an impact on grammar. The activities in CBSE schools in Kolkata for class 11 commerce play a vital role in enhancing language and communication as it involves a lot of interaction.

  • Request feedback

Share your writing with a person who can give you a constructive opinion regarding your grammar. Use these suggestions and feedback to enhance your writing skills further.

  • Grammatical tools

In case any doubt arises, always feel free to look it up. Keep in mind that every doubt is an opportunity. There are a variety of tools that you can come across that can be utilized in checking grammar. Utilize these tools to correct errors in writing as they provide immediate feedback. 

  • Consistency

Consistency is another key to strengthening grammatical skills over time. Apply your learnings continuously on a daily basis to your writing.


Improving your grammar will help you learn English faster. The best CBSE schools in Kolkata for class 11 commerce encourage students to spend more time in a library to read a variety of books.